Alain Piguet, Customer Experience and Marketing Director

"There is a wide diversity of job positions at KONE, which is extremely good for enhancing your own competencies."

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Viji Krishnamurthy, Head - India Shared Service Centre

"I am happy to be associated with a company, which only delivers environmentally friendly products."

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Luis Garcia, Chief Design Engineer

"KONE supports my career plans and encourages me to reach my goals."

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José Manuel Upegui, Senior Account Executive and Project Manager

"I have been working in my dream job since day one."

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Jonne Vainola, Assembler

"At KONE, we are helping people to move from one place to another."

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Meet some of the people working at KONE

KONE’s goal is to have best possible professionals with the right competencies in each position. Read what some of our employees say about their careers at KONE, what inspires them and how they see KONE as an employer.

"I get to meet a lot of people all over the world from our organization, from our customers as well, dealing with different cultures, understanding how to work in different cultures - to me it’s quite intriguing."

Tarek Elnaggar, Head of Major Projects Business and Senior Vice President

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"For me it’s important I learn something new every day and I can see my team growing and developing. That really keeps me going."

Kati Hagros, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

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Did you know that the average length of service in many KONE countries is more than a decade?

92% of KONE employees responded to the Pulse employee survey in 2013 – an all-time high response rate.

Check the exciting job opportunties we offer in different countries!

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