Jonne Vainola, Assembler

KONE is a secure employer that offers the kinds of benefits that come with working in a big company. All the basics are in place, salaries for example, are always paid on time. 

Also, this is a nice sector to work in. We are helping people to move from place to place. It is especially important for the elderly and people with limited mobility that they, too, can move about easily. 

I have all kinds of career plans. I want to develop professionally and become better at my job. At KONE I’ve had the opportunity to see various aspects of this field. 

Our entire department has great team spirit. I can discuss all sorts of things with my colleagues and the people in my team have a good sense of humor. Diversity and collaboration are valued and my work and efforts are appreciated. KONE’s employees are very committed to their jobs. I come to work feeling happy as I know that the people working here are great.

Image_quoteAt KONE, we are helping people to move from place to place.

Name : Jonne Vainola
Job title : Assembler
Job description : Assembling and testing the control panels
Education : Technical college, telecommunications and electronics
Place of work : Hyvinkää, Finland
Started at KONE : 2005