José Manuel Upegui, Senior Account Executive and Project Manager

I have been working in my dream job since day one. I was Vice President of Montgomery Elevators when KONE bought Montgomery in 1994. So I didn’t choose KONE, KONE chose me. As I look back, it’s been a great ride! 

One thing I like about KONE is the team effort. We ask each other for opinions and best practices. We build the puzzle together. Everyone I have worked with at KONE has been an outstanding mentor or a great coworker. 

Anyone who is willing to be a team player, to learn and to support others has similar opportunities at KONE. I’ve been lucky, all the opportunities KONE has offered me have been very challenging and interesting. In 2010, I was asked to help with KONE’s exploring opportunities in Latin America. Today my goal is to continue to re-establish KONE here. 

KONE is an ethical company, which is very important to me. Even after 100 years, it remains a family-oriented company. It focuses on the things that really count: customers, safety, good products, installation and service. 

I wake up every morning feeling I want to go to work.

Image_quoteI have been working in my dream job since day one.

Name : José Manuel Upegui
Job title : Senior Account Executive and Project Manager
Job description : Support KONE Mexico in exploring opportunities in Latin America
Education : BA and MA from the University of Memphis, USA
Place of work : Bogotá, Colombia
Started at KONE : 1991