Keith Gorringe, Service Technician

My dad had worked with KONE for 45 years at retirement so I recognized it as a good place to work when seeking opportunities in Australia. When I joined KONE in 2004, I started in the North Sydney area as a spare man working with four engineers. Since then, I have mostly stayed within the service business line but I’ve also spent six months assisting the Installation, Modernisation and Escalator teams on a local shopping centre project.

One of the things that make KONE a great place to work is the friendly team environment. I get good support from colleagues and they are always there to give an extra hand or a call.

I also like the fact that there are always opportunities to move around the business when other teams need help. In terms of future career inspirations, where I am is on the right track. I prefer working in the field. I get to enjoy quite a bit of independence in my current role.

In my role, I see that building owners are these days really conscious about green ratings. Saving on cost is always a priority. There have been a few upgrades on my run that have involved generator research services that track power usage before and after the upgrade. The upgrades have shown to save on energy costs up to 60%. I think that eco-efficient products and services truly set KONE apart from other companies in the industry.

Image_quoteKONE is a good place to work. My family has KONE employees in two generations – my dad worked with KONE for over 45 years!

Name : Keith Gorringe
Job title : Service Technician
Job description : Perform all the service operations at a customer’s site.
Education : High school, college, as well as a five-year Electrical Apprenticeship
Place of work : Sydney, Australia
Started at KONE : 2004