Macarena Pallares, Sourcing Category Manager, Telecommunications

KONE values team spirit and encourages individuals to work together and collaborate with each other. I enjoy coming to work every day because it gives me the opportunity to learn from experiences and best practices from our company but also from the suppliers we work with. In my job, I also get to work in cross-functional teams which mean that there is more diversity and viewpoints taken in account when finding solutions to problems.

Throughout these 5 years that I have worked at KONE, I have also been able to rotate jobs in different areas of the company. This has allowed me to work with persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I have also had the opportunity to be part of great teams, and I have learned a lot on the job and from people around me every day. These items have made my journey with KONE a very rewarding and exciting experience!

Image_quoteWorking at KONE gives me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Name : Macarena Pallares
Job title : Sourcing Category Manager, Telecommunications
Job description : Global responsible of KONE supplier relationship management and procurement in the telecommunication category.
Education : M. Sc. Business Strategy , B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
Place of work : Espoo, Finland
Started at KONE : 2009