Rahul Sharma, Site Manager

Well, if I have to describe my job in one line, it would be “I have one of the most interesting jobs.”

From planning the Manpower, Developing Project Plans & Schedules, Interacting with clients to assess budget (project cost) till execution. I must admit that each & every day of mine is a power packed challenging day. The best part is that I get to meet new people every day along with new set of challenges which keeps me energized.

To me, appreciation comes in the form of customers. Every time I make a customer smile, every time I make a customer come back to KONE due to my excellent service, every time a customer appreciates me for delivering a Quality job, I pat myself on the back & hold my head high with pride.  That feeling of success can’t be described in words. To top it, KONE has made me feel very special in many occasions. Can’t forget the day I was awarded as the BEST employee after just 1 year of joining. KONE has one of the most transparent working models which strongly believes in strengthening both the processes & its own people. And that is what makes KONE a great place to work. 

Looking back at my last 5 years, I have come a long way. My initial days at KONE was magnificent with everyone lending a helping hand when needed. I have learnt a great deal of things, acquired lot of skills along the way, met great mentors and made amazing friends. A special mention to the highly efficient trainings which has made me the person who I am today. I strongly believe I contribute to Improving urban life by delivering high Quality & safe solutions to my customers. I stride with KONE in delivering best people flow experience by ensuring highly competent & Eco efficient solutions. 

Lastly, if you are someone who is open to learning new things & takes on challenges with a smile on your face, then KONE is where you should be. 

Name: Rahul Sharma

Age: 29 Years

Joined as: Engineer Projects 

Current Designation: Site Manager

Place of work:  Gurgaon

Years at KONE:  5 Years 6 Months