Sandeep Reddy - Asst. Manager, Sales

KONE is a challenging environment to work as we are constantly being given chances to think differently to meet customer expectations. We have to keep challenging ourselves too so that we are able to not just meet but also exceed customer expectations.

To achieve all of this, great teamwork is required and KONE provides a great platform for ‘winning through people’.

Professional achievements:

  • Best Performer in Sales Volume Segment-2009.
  • Received 2 Times Best CRM Champion Award 
  • Appreciation Award in “DELIGHTING THE  CUSTOMER” for 2012.

Learning at KONE:

As a team leader I have learnt to work in a team and  support members, provide them with a positive work environment. Good coordinating with the execution team has resulted in good collaboration within the team.

Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the customers till Handing over of the elevators. Have been successful in  bringing about a change in the customer mindset with the new products. Closely monitoring market areas, which are developing and  Planning Strategies for it.

Special moments at KONE:

It feels great when your customers want more from you as it reflects the extent of satisfaction we have provided them with.

a) The KONE Ambassador program helped me in taking new initiatives, which helped in a 90% repeat orders

b) We were able to convert a loyal competition customer to KONE after 7 years of continuous perseverance and now he vouches for KONE and we are the most preferred vendor. This was possible because of the timely & prompt support given to the customer throughout the project.

What would you like to tell the job seekers about KONE?

KONE provides a very challenging environment to work which sets you to think of new ideas constantly. KONE not only provides an open environment to develop, but also supports people and helps them to succeed for a good career growth.

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KONE provides a very challenging environment to work which sets you to think of new ideas constantly.

Name: Sandeep Reddy

Age: 30

Job title: Assistant Manager, Sales

Job description: Sales

Place of work: Bangalore, India

Education: MBA

Time at KONE: 7 years