Partnerships with educational institutions

Partnerships with educational institutions

We work actively with educational institutions to share and develop competence through research work, traineeships, thesis projects and other business projects. Local KONE units also participate in local career fairs and other student events at our partner schools.

Partnerships with world-class universities

We have formed close relationships with the technology and business faculties of many world-class universities and student organizations. KONE is one of the corporate partners of CEMS (the Community of European Management Schools and International Companies) which comprises 26 world-class academic institutions. Combining the resources of leading universities and corporations CEMS helps to develop the European standard of education and management.

In management development we cooperate with management and business schools to develop strategic thinking among other leadership competencies. For upper-level management development we work together with IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Developing new solutions

KONE Research & Development centers are located in Finland, Italy, Germany, China, India and the United States and have partnerships with top educational institutions around the world. KONE is actively searching for new solutions and applications starting from basic research through to product development and implementation.

For more information about our co-operation with educational institutions around the world and local, please contact us directly.