Total Reward is the combination of what we offer to you at KONE!

At KONE we believe our employees are key to our success. We are proud to offer a range of total reward elements that engage and motivate our employees and help us achieve our goal of being a Great Place to Work! 

We believe that our total reward offering helps our employees grow, develop and feel valued, recognized and respected. 

Total reward at KONE includes everything employees receive from us that has either a non-financial or financial value.

We promote three different elements of total reward:


  • These form the foundation of our rewards offering and are received on a regular basis
  • Examples: base pay, allowances, employee benefits


  • These are additional reward elements that are influenced by your performance
  • Examples: performance based pay and recognition awards


  • We offer a variety of experiences that help our employees achieve their career and personal goals and enable them to live a healthy and balanced life
  • Examples: career development, well-being, performance management
  • Take a closer look at the experiences we offer »

Our total reward principles: 

  • Aligned with business strategy
  • Globally fair, locally relevant
  • Focused on pay for performance
  • Transparent, clearly communicated and valued