The experiences we offer help our employees to achieve their career and personal goals and enable them to live a healthy and balanced life.

Learning opportunities & career development

Our goal is to have the best possible professionals with the right competencies in each position. This is emphasized by organizing performance discussions between an employee and his or her manager at least twice a year. In addition to target setting and job contents review, employee well-being, career development and variety of growth opportunities are discussed in these discussions. 

At KONE we promote the 70-20-10 approach for competence development. 70% of competence development happens on the job, 20% by learning from others and 10% from training and self-study.

KONE Career Streams portray the main career options at KONE

We offer various career development opportunities for our employees; possibilities vary from horizontal moves to taking more challenging roles in the organization. 

At KONE, job rotation is emphasized and we post all open positions internally. Employees can apply to any of the available positions, so the possibilities are endless. 

Continuous change and positive development in the business allow our employees to learn and grow even if they decided to stay in their current role. To boost employees development, we also offer mentoring within KONE and have engaged into cross-company mentoring programs. 

KONE arranges learning programs covering a wide range of professional skills. They are designed to strengthen the common operating models, to promote collaboration and cross-cultural knowledge sharing and to ensure the development of current and future managers. Our offering covers a mix of topics broadly ranging from project management and professional skills, to technical and sales training. 

We are committed in developing our leaders and therefore review our leadership teams and plan their succession regularly. We also invest in the development of future leaders within the organization.

What does well-being mean for KONE?

For us, employee well-being is being physically, mentally and socially healthy; in the context of work and career it is about leading a balanced life. Elevate Your Health programs are aimed to improve well-being at KONE. The programs are based on three pillars: 

Be aware – Becoming aware of personal health risks, both physical and mental 

Be active – Taking personal actions to address and improve risks or maintain good health 

Be responsible – Committing personally to increasing habitual physical exercise 

The Elevate Your Health programs are the most visible part of well-being at KONE.

All KONE employees have the right to a safe, healthy working environment where discrimination is prohibited and personal well-being promoted.