KONE in brief

Our job is to make the best of the world’s cities, buildings and public spaces, because we believe that cities are part of the solution for a better future. At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life.

Through more effective people flow, we make it possible to live and work in taller, smarter buildings and together with our partners and customers we help cities to become better places to live in. The world’s cities are constantly growing and around 200,000 people move into cities every day.

Our equipment moves over 1 billion users each day, with over 1 million elevators and escalators in our service base.

All this, while serving more than 400,000 customers around the world.

With this kind of growth and change happening around the world, delivering the best People Flow experience means understanding different the types of buildings and the purposes they serve. At KONE, we provide Ease, Effectiveness and Experiences to users and customers, over the full life cycle of buildings.


We have over 1,000 offices around the world and service close to 1.1 million elevators and escalators globally.

Global megatrends

The direction and shape of the global elevator and escalator industry are driven by four megatrends.

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