Global megatrends drive our sustainability

Urbanization drives KONE’s business

The direction and shape of the global elevator and escalator industry are driven by four megatrends: urbanization, demographic change, the increasing importance of safety, and concern for the environment.

KONE contributes to sustainable urban development by developing energy-efficient solutions that move people smoothly and safely in urban environments.

Rapid urbanization

Urbanization is an important megatrend within the global elevator and escalator industry. It is expected to drive demand for years to come. For the first time in history, an equal number of people live in urban and rural areas. The concentration of people in urban areas increases the importance of moving them efficiently from one point to another.

The growth of urban areas is most evident in Asia, where long-term population growth and migration from rural communities is expected to continue.

Demographic change

The global demographic structure is changing. Economic growth translates into higher standards of living for a larger part of the world’s population. The number of people classified as middle-income earners is expected to grow by 2.7 billion by 2030. Middle-income earners expect more spacious and better-equipped apartments, which drives higher demand for elevators. 

The world’s population is also aging at an unprecedented rate. The growing number of older people raises the importance of accessibility in buildings and urban infrastructure. An elevator can help elderly residents live in their apartments longer, facilitate the lives of all residents in the building, as well as add value to an existing property.

Importance of safety

Urban infrastructure systems in certain markets are aging. National and international safety codes and standards play a key role in determining the safety level of elevators and escalators. Particularly in Europe, many countries have adopted strict standards for safety and modernization in recent years.

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Concern for the environment

Buildings consume approximately 40 percent of the world’s energy, and elevators and escalators can account between two and 10 percent of the energy consumption of an individual building. The elevator and escalator industry can play a vital role in helping to counter climate change and its negative effects by providing innovative solutions that help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. 

The demand for energy-efficient solutions for moving people in and between buildings is driven by voluntary sustainability ratings and national green building ratings. These are becoming more common and are on increasing importance to our customers. Sustainable urban building refers to building practices that improve energy efficiency, use sustainable materials and reduce a building’s negative impacts on human health and the environment.

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Our vision and strategy

Our strategy is to deliver a performance edge to our customers by creating the best user experience with innovative People Flow® solutions.

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Corporate responsibility

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