KONE in the community

Our commitment to the society is an integral part of our value system.

CSR initiatives at KONE India involve various efforts in which we engage ourselves to give something back to the society. Our initiatives aim at the betterment of the community through measures that will bring in sustainable development and growth of its inhabitants.

KONE India made its first contribution to the community around the factory at Ayanambakkam. A child care center followed by two class rooms for the higher secondary school in the Ayanambakkam village was contributed to the locales in the year 2003. As a part of supporting the educational program, a laboratory spread over 1200 sq. for the same school was contributed.

In the sequence of our CSR initiatives, we have donated a Healthcare center for the local village which is running fruitfully and serving the purpose.

We realized that education is something which has the power to change/lift not only an individual but also a community. Education has always been the forefront of our CSR objectives and we are sure we had stepped up right through our Rotary Nagar project.

KONE India along with KONE Centennial Foundation has partnered with Rotary Club of Madras (RCM) for this project and is working very close with an education consultancy, AID India, to develop the education curriculum for these children with focus on Math, Science & English. AID India has been working with many educational institutions in the underprivileged sections of the society and has trained many teachers who are currently working in many such communities.

Rotary Nagar - A project to support the education of underprivileged children

With the dawn of India’s Independence on 15th August 1947, a new project was launched by Rotary Club of Madras!!

Rotary Nagar, as it is christened today, is a low – income tenement made up of people who work in clearing garbage in the City. Located in Chennai, Rotary Nagar project is an intervention to create awareness of various vocations that may be pursued by the young generation inhabiting the colony. The project also aims at transforming the lives of the young children of the community by providing good educational facilities.

A socially responsible organization today has to give back to the community and at KONE, we understand this well. We have been very considerate in engaging the children at the center through various infotainment programs. We also engage our employees in all the activities we carry out in the Rotary Nagar.

KONE India joins hands to fight against child labor KONE India joins hands to fight against child labor

India is home to the largest number of child laborers in the world. An estimated 30% of the world’s working kids live in our country. Recent child labor research reports a 3- fold increase of child labor since the early 90’s. While the primary causes of child labor are poverty, lack of social security, low parental awareness and lack of education the compounding factors are the public acceptances of child labor and cultural norms & traditions that legalize the labor of children.

A number of NGO’s and other organizations have been raising voices against this burning issue and been doing their part to create an impact on the child labor. Despite all these, child labor continues to be one of the worst social problems in our country. As responsible citizens, don’t we have the liability to raise voice against child labor?

KONE being a socially responsible organization is already involved in the project of supporting the education of children from a downtrodden community – Rotary Nagar. KONE now has moved a few steps ahead in supporting the cause of ending child labor, again to ensure the well-being of children.

Yes, KONE has joined the Child rights coalition committee that works for the welfare of the children. Members from media, business firms, academic institutions, Govt, NGO’s and UNICEF, are the key members of the coalition committee. The committee has taken its first step with a specifically designed campaign that aims at creating awareness on child labor and how individuals could participate and support for the cause. For instance, Diwali and fire crackers – more than a lakh of children are involved in matches and fireworks industry. What can we, as individuals, do about it?

‘I, the spark’ – This campaign has been created by the committee which addresses the issue of child labor. KONE has been an active member of the coalition committee formed to fight for the cause.
We have also been engaging KONEittes in supporting the campaign and raise voice against child labor.

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