People Flow Magazine

People Flow is KONE's stakeholder magazine for sharing interesting views, cases, and topics that will impact the elevator and escalator industry now and in the future. Launched in 2009, the magazine is published twice a year.

The game changer

Digitalization is a global phenomenon that touches all our lives. In fact our day-to-day activities have been transformed over the last decade. Our stakeholder magazine explains how we are riding the digital wave

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Issue 14

Can rapid urbanization be sustainable? That is the question we tackle in this edition.

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Issue 13

Sustainability has had a crucial role in KONE’s business for years. It helps us to answer major issues such as urbanization and climate change and, at the same time, grow our business in the competitive marketplace. In this issue, we learn what drives sustainability globally, what this means for KONE now and in the future, and how our sustainable solutions are making a difference in Kunshan, Delhi and Rotterdam and Westbury.  

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Issue 12

The world’s population is aging at an unprecedented pace. At the same time, the urban infrastructure is getting older. In this issue, we focus on shedding light on the many implications of these trends and on how KONE people flow solutions can make a difference for residents and buildings for years to come be it in Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Vienna or Valletta. Welcome to the world of modernization!  

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Issue 11

What is the future of smart cities and intelligent buildings? In this issue, renowned smart city experts from Harvard and MIT share their thoughts. We showcase the new KONE People Flow Intelligence package of solutions – KONE’s response to making buildings smarter and the people flows in them smoother – and tell you about our user-centered approach to design. We also take you to Paris and Singapore for glimpses of how we work with customers to find innovative solutions for their specific needs.

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Issue 10

In this issue, we take a peek into life at the top of the world. Cities are growing upwards as increasing numbers of people move to and are born into urban areas. Hear what the CTBUH thinks about the future of cities, and what people who live in tall buildings have to say about them. Read KONE’s high-rise story and learn about KONE UltraRope™, the new hoisting innovation that is set to break elevator travel height records.

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Issue 9

A service mindset means working to win the customer every day. As suggested in the main story, at times, customers appreciate good service even more than a good product. Read about safety, an integral element of service, and take a look at our reference case, the Citigroup Centre in Sydney. We also give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the historic London Underground.

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Issue 2012/2 (8)

Read how over one million hours of complex artistry went into creating KONE’s new volume elevator solution that offers best-in-class eco-efficiency, industry-leading ride comfort and award-winning design. In addition, this issue sheds light on what the future holds for residential living. Take a look at our reference case, Bullit Center in Seattle that promises to be a net-zero water and carbon-neutral building when completed.

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Issue 2012/1 (7)

The main story focuses on urban livability and how up-and-coming cities use design to spearhead development. In addition, this issue sheds light on our elevator, escalator and service design. Take a look at our reference case, Reflections at Keppel Bay, and our partnership with construction company YIT.

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Issue 2011/2 (6)

Read how companies strive to deliver the best customer experience by measuring and managing customer satisfaction. Also read how the iconic hotel company Hilton Worldwide has teamed up with KONE in a strategic partnership. We also introduce KONE’s latest solution in the field of destination control systems, KONE Polaris™ 500.

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Issue 2011/1 (5)

The main story focuses on user experience, which defines the overall success of KONE's solutions. Read more about the energy consumption of our offering and how we find the right solutions for different building types. We also present findings from the first People Flow Day. Take a look at our reference case, Paris Opéra, and our partnership with the Schiphol Group.

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Issue 2010/3 (4)

Read how People Flow works in modern colosseums – stadiums, arenas and concert halls. The magazine also interviews Hanna Uusitalo, KONE's environmental director, about environmental excellence at KONE. We introduce you to the remarkable Moscow City project and the Shanghai IFC skyscrapers. The ever growing need for effective infrastructure is discussed.

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Issue 2010/2 (World Expo edition) (3)

Read how KONE celebrated a century of people flow by participating in Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo.

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Issue 2010/1 (2)

The main story takes a look at sustainable buildings and the balance between urbanization and sustainability. Read how KONE is leading through technology. You can also find interesting facts about our references like the Yas Marina Circuit, the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, and the 183 Wellington Street building.

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Issue 2009/1 (1)

Read how urbanization, one of the greatest global megatrends, affects KONE's business environment. In addition, this issue sheds light on our elevator design and modernization solution, KONE Care-for-Life. Get to know our references like the Hongqiao International Airport, the Delhi metro, and the Marina Bay Sands resort with the KONE JumpLift.

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