Service technician's best friend

The Field Mobility App is transforming the service KONE provides. Find out how. 

“We use it for everything. From the start of the day, we receive information, whether it’s for maintenance and repairs or for our daily work routes,” says Manuel Luis Rando, a KONE service technician from Madrid, Spain, describing the KONE Field Mobility App, which is as important as a spanner set or a torque wrench. 

Rando says it is ‘transforming the way he and his colleagues carry out their everyday tasks’. The app uses GPS location data to choose the destination for each technician. The address is then sent to them through the app. “Everything is on the app. If a customer tells me, my colleague was there last night, I can immediately find out who was on site, what was the problem, and see how the work progressed.”

The ‘happy path’

What started as an independent Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), is now an app integrated into a heavy-duty smartphone. “We wanted to have real-time information for our customers and provide guidance to our technicians,” says Markus Huuskonen, Global Maintenance Process Owner at KONE and the creator of this technology. 

“We call it the ‘happy path’ since it makes everything as easy as possible for the technician, by minimizing the number of times the technician has to click the screen,” says Huuskonen. 

The customers stand to gain too. They can use KONE Care Online service to track KONE’s actions. Information related to equipment performance, maintenance, breakdowns, and repairs is available real time. Customers can get the information either via SMS messages or emails. 

Working offline

The application, which also works offline, almost entirely eliminates the use of paper. The Mobile Minerva function – an online catalogue of all KONE materials – allows technicians to search for and order spare parts directly from their terminals. Rando says his customers can sign off work via his smartphone too. 

“We are going to add a new functionality that enables technicians to create a tender on site and inform the customer of the cost,” says Huuskonen. With the help of remote monitoring information, the company’s escalators and elevators will literally be talking to the integrated online system soon. “That way technicians will know beforehand what they need to focus on,” adds Huuskonen.

An indispensable tool of the trade then, one that Rando will certainly not be leaving home without.