Focusing on the safety of people, products, and services

The safety of our employees, subcontractors, and the people who use our products and services is a cornerstone of our operations at KONE. We constantly strive towards achieving our ultimate goal of zero accidents through the continuous development of our products, people and processes.

Furthermore, we work to improve the safety of elevators and escalators throughout the industry by actively participating in initiatives to develop codes and standards.

We also have the opportunity to improve accessibility for people with impaired mobility. Our solutions assist users – whether people in wheelchairs, travelers with luggage, or families with children in strollers – in moving about in their daily lives.

Safety of our products and services

We enhance the safety of our products and services through rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes.

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Little things matter in safety

It’s just an untied shoelace. But it might be a problem, if it gets stuck in the wrong place. We at KONE design our solutions with safety as a top priority, but we should all pay attention to the little things that matter in safety.

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Enhancing the safety of our employees

We focus on making sure every one of our employees has the necessary competence to perform their work in a professional and safe manner.

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Accessibility for everyone

Through our elevator solutions we have the opportunity to help improve accessibility for people with impaired mobility. Our solutions also help users with their daily lives, for example families with baby carriages or residents returning home after grocery shopping.

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