Elevator safety

KONE elevators include a wide range of features that are designed to maximize safety for users while also making it easy for building managers to check the condition of the equipment. Our elevator safety features include:

  • Daily automatic brake testing 
  • Proven rope technology that is easy to inspect 
  • A curtain of light to aid safe entry and exit 
  • Accurate landing that reduces the risk of tripping 
  • Door opening button to control doors when the elevator is stopped 
  • Two-way communication system for instant, 24/7 contact with the KONE Customer Care Center in case of emergency

5 easy ways to improve safety

  1. Adequate lighting prevents accidents and makes people feel safer
  2. A two-way voice communication system improves safety and gives passengers peace of mind
  3. Interior doors and automatic landing doors prevent accidents and improve accessibility
  4. Accurate landing prevents people from stumbling on the door sill
  5. An emergency system includes an alarm with a two-way phone and an emergency power supply

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Escalator & autowalk safety

Our escalators are designed to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards, regulations and codes.

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Door safety

The KONE door safety solution detects moving and immobile objects in the whole doorway area.

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