Escalator & autowalk safety

Safety is the starting point for every KONE solution. Our escalators are designed to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards, regulations and codes. Additional options use the latest technology to bring you further peace of mind. For example:

  • Fiber-optic skirt monitoring guards the full length of the escalator or autowalk and immediately stops the unit when an obstruction is detected between the skirt and steps.
  • Traffic signalization solutions and audible alarms provide clear guidance on escalator travel direction.
  • The chainless design of the KONE DirectDrive™ eliminates the risk of chain failure, while the drive’s location outside the step band means easier, safer maintenance.
  • An alarm sounds if a passenger enters the escalator in the wrong direction.
  • Traffic signalization, skirt lighting, yellow comb segments and step demarcations provide extra visual guidance.
  • A fall-protection barrier and extended balustrades reduce the risk of falls.
  • Additional emergency stop buttons further enhance safety.
  • Halogen-free cables and sprinkler piping lower the risk of fire

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