Learn about the safe use of elevators and escalators with Max & Bob

Help Bob the elephant in his quest to find his friend Max the mouse in this fun and fast game. Remember to tie your shoelaces and pay attention to the proper use of elevators and escalators.

Max & Bob

Watch the safety animation

Oh no, Bob broke his glasses! Follow Max and Bob making their way through a shopping mall with the help of elevators and escalators to find Bob a new pair of glasses.

Elevator and escalator tips with Max and Bob

Remember, little things matter in safety. Using elevators and escalators properly helps ensure a safe and comfortable ride for everyone.

Download elevator tips (pdf) »
Download escalator tips (pdf) »

Workbook for children

Max and Bob teach children about elevator and escalator safety in this colorful workbook.

Download the workbook (pdf) »

Children's Safety Sessions

Do you want to organize a safety session in your school or kindergarten? Request KONE’s safety team for a fun and educational safety session.

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