Escalator & autowalk dos and don'ts

Escalator and autowalk dos

Using escalators and autowalks properly helps ensure a safe and comfortable ride for everyone. Follow these simple guidelines to prevent injuries and enhance your safety. Read more about escalator and autowalk dont's »

Face forward and hold the handrail. Keep feet firmly on the step and away from the escalator’s or autowalk's sides.
At the end of the ride, step off properly from the escalator or autowalk and make room for the next passengers to step off. Children should always be accompanied by an adult and their hands should be held during the ride.
Image_elevator safety tips - unusual The emergency stop button should be used in case of an incident or escalator or autowalk malfunction.

Escalator and autowalk don'ts

Being mindful and acting responsibly can prevent escalator and autowalk injuries. Do not sit, play, or travel on the escalator or autowalk in the wrong direction. If you are using a stroller, your physical mobility is impaired, or you are transporting large items, then use a nearby elevator instead of an escalator.

Never take a stroller or shopping cart on an escalator. Physically challenged passengers, using canes, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs should never use the escalator.
Do not transport large, long, or heavy items on the escalator. Do not play on the escalator or autowalk. Children should be accompanied by an adult and should not be left alone near an escalator or autowalk.
Do not enter or exit the escalator or autowalk in the wrong direction. Do not sit on the escalator or autowalk or on the handrail, or lean over the railing.

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