Liftman – A KONE India initiative for a safe elevator ride

  • A friendly animated character to give advice on the safe and effective use of elevators
  • Creating a connect with elevator passengers

KONE India has launched a light-hearted animation, ‘The Chronicles of Liftman’, to educate the public about elevator safety. 

McKinsey reports a tremendous spread of urbanization across the country, resulting in the exponential growth of towns and cities with their tall buildings – the use of elevators in everyday life is become increasingly common. 

Although elevators have become user-friendly and include a host of safety features, there are certain do's and don'ts. It is one of the safest forms of transportation but following simple guidelines can help further improve passenger safety. It’s important to not only know how to properly ride in elevators, but also what to do if the elevator stalls. 

Team KONE quotes, “Safety awareness is the key to preventing accidents. Interestingly, researchers have found that people remember 50% more what they see than what they hear. Cartoons can be effectively used to illustrate dangerous situations which might be impossible to capture on film in real life. In line with our vision, KONE delivers the best people flow experience, we conceptualized the best possible way to connect with the end users and have launched the ‘Liftman”. 

Animated characters have proven their effectiveness in conveying a wide range of messages across subjects and age groups. KONE has been using “The Chronicles of the Liftman” across the country to educate as many elevator users/passengers as possible.

KONE India’s Liftman – a part of KONE’s unique initiative for safe elevator rides, is a friendly animated character who gives advice on the safe and effective use of elevators. This endearing superhero creates a connect with elevator passengers and plays a major role in ‘The Chronicles of Liftman’.

‘The Chronicles of Liftman’ were developed focusing on the important elevator and escalator safety tips in relevance to the Residential and Retail environments. 

Liftman has been flying high in India touching lives of thousands of young children and adults. This end user activity not only educates people but also engages them in Safety and also with our brand. As a socially responsible organization we strive to create awareness among the end users and make them spread the news for good.

Liftman has become a part of KONE’s safety culture, both internal as well as externally. The Service Business has been using the mascot religiously to help communicate and address the safety needs to our customers.

In the scout of the first-ever Lift Scout!

While the Liftman has become a part of our Safety culture internally and amidst our external stakeholders, we are excited about having introduced our all new Lift Scout in India. 

Lift Scout is a new concept carried over from the Liftman initiative in engaging children to communicate safety messages. Every residential apartment or educational institution which is already acquainted with Liftman will now have Lift Scouts who will engage their peers through safety. With a very interesting concept and activity kit that comprises of booklet, stickers, key chain, tattoos etc., the Lift scouts will spread the safety messages to other children. 

The team Chandigarh had scouted the FIRST Lift Scout from SHIKHAR Apartments, Panchkula, Chandigarh. Master. Aditya, a student of Class 6th , has been identified as the Lift Scout. The selection took place after the Liftman event which witnessed a good participation. The liftman video clips displayed during the event enhanced the engagement and excitement among the children. 

Our first Lift scout Aditya was selected through a lucky-draw out of 6 children who answered the questions in the quiz conducted after the Liftman show. The concept of Lift Scout and his responsibilities were explained to him, handing over the Lift scout kit. A feedback rhythm has been set with our Lift scout which will be tracked and monitored by our KONE Chandigarh team. 

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