A-class energy efficiency

At KONE we have always been renowned for our revolutionary eco-efficient technology. Our renewed elevator solution lowers our already industry-leading energy consumption levels by an additional 28%. Installing an eco-efficient KONE elevator solution can lower your building’s carbon footprint, cut energy costs and help in achieving important green building accreditations such as LEED or BREEAM.

  • Eco-efficiency graphFirst volume products in the industry to receive an A-class energy rating (VDI 4707)
  • We can assist you in securing third-party certifications
  • With minimised energy consumption, our KONE MonoSpace and MiniSpace are ideal choices for sustainable building projects

Elevator energy consumption

To learn more, see our Eco-efficient solutions, and find out how we can cut the energy consumption of your building.

Environmental responsibility

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KONE references

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