KONE Access control integration

KONE Access control integration

Access Control Integration connects any access control system with the KONE elevator control system. This increases security in the building as well as improves the flow of people.

  • Integration between KONE elevators and all building access control systems
  • Integration with both conventional elevators and Destination Control Systems (DCS)
  • Easy and straightforward installation process
  • Speeds up People Flow™ in building
Improved security with smoother flow of people
  1. Users can move quickly and securely to the elevator and their destination floor

  2. Card readers can be installed in the Car Operating Panel (COP) or a Destination Operator Panel (DOP).

  3. When turnstiles are integrated with a Destination Control System (DCS), guided transport operation can be activated when a person passes through the turnstile.

  4. KONE supplies the elevator group controllers and control panels, as well as space for installing card readers.

  5. The access control provider supplies the card readers, access control computer and network infrastructure.