KONE InfoScreen

KONE InfoScreen

KONE InfoScreen enables the display of current floor information, imagery, news, weather, advertising, or building announcements, either in the car or outside. InfoScreen is available for new installations and modernisations.

KONE InfoScreen is available in two versions.

KONE InfoScreen Standard is an offline elevator display system. It can be used to display elevator position, and other information that does not require frequent updating, for example the names and logos of tenants on each floor.

KONE InfoScreen Premium is an online version for sites which require automatic or remote content updating. It also provides the most variability in information content.

  • A new channel of communication to passengers
  • Attractive display of elevator info
  • Easy to display advertising, safety information, news, weather, or custom content
  • Premium solution supports live video and web content
  • Easy to update via USB flash stick, or with Premium solution via online web application
  • With Premium, simultaneous updating and administration of several screens
Information in an easy-to-manage display

KONE InfoScreen Standard

  1. Content is managed on a PC using the InfoScreen manager software.
  2. Displays are updated on location via a USB stick.

KONE InfoScreen Premium

  1. Content is managed on a PC using the InfoScreen manager software.
  2. Three alternatives for updating displays are available:
  • Local update with PC and network connection
  • Automatic update through remote server with external network connection
  • On location update via USB stick


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