KONE Polaris™ destination control system (DCS)

Polaris™ destination control allows your elevator to work more intelligently, shortening wait times, reducing the number of intermediate stops, increasing handling capacity and available car space, and improving security.

Available in two configurations:

Hybrid DCS combines destination operating panels (DOPs) on the main floors with conventional landing signalisation on other floors and conventional car operating panels (COPs) in the cars.

With the traditional DCS configuration, the DOPs are on all floors and consequently there are no destination buttons on the car operating panel. Recommended for higher-traffic buildings.

KONE Polaris™ destination control system (DCS)
  • Increased handling capacity
  • A more comfortable ride with fewer stops
  • Fewer people inside the cars
  • No wasted time getting to the destination floor

Polaris icon 1 1) Select your destination floor on the destination operating panel (DOP). The display will tell you which elevator has been assigned to you and where it is located.

Polaris icon 22) Move to your elevator. All elevators are clearly marked with identifiers above their doors.

Polaris icon 3 3) Enjoy the journey. Once in the car, the next-stops indicator displays the destination stops the car will make. The position indicator informs you when you have arrived at your destination floor.


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