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KONE access solutions

KONE Access™, our scalable, flexible access control system, gives you complete control over building access. For even greater flexibility, KONE elevator systems can also be integrated with any third-party access control system.

  • Improved security and people flow - fully integrate elevator and access control.
  • Unrivalled flexibility - integrate your elevators with our access control system or any third-party system.
  • Adaptability - easily scale up or tailor the system as your needs change.
  • Straightforward installation and operation, with one system - and all your maintenance needs - delivered by one partner
Smart access control for enhanced security and people flow
  1. Tenants can access and move around the building smoothly and securely.

  2. Card readers can be integrated with car or destination operating panels, or wall-mounted alongside landing call stations or doors. Floor access rights are based on user profiles.

  3. Turnstiles integrated with the destination control system allow personalized elevator calls as users pass through the turnstile.

  4. KONE Access combines user interface devices and system hardware with easy-to-use management software.

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