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KONE information solutions

Our information solutions provide an effective, highly visible communication channel. They can be used to display everything from news and weather to advertisements and building announcements, both in the car and on landings.

KONE InfoScreen Standard is an offline elevator display system, for displaying elevator position and other information that does not require frequent updating. 

KONE InfoScreen Premium is a highly flexible online system that enables automatic or remote updating of a wide variety of content.

  • Customizable, with user-definable content.
  • Informative, with effective communication improving passenger guidance and boosting business.
  • Flexible and visually appealing, blending seamlessly with KONE signalization for a consistent look and feel.
Improve guidance and communication

KONE InfoScreen Standard

  • Displays updated individually via USB.

KONE InfoScreen Premium

  1. Content managed via InfoScreen software.
  2. Displays can be updated:
  • locally via networked PC
  • automatically via remote server

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