Monitoring solutions

KONE monitoring solutions

With a KONE E-Link™ solution, you can monitor all your elevators and escalators from a single location. It gives you a real-time overview of equipment status and performance as well as remote management and configuration capabilities.

  • Monitor KONE and third-party equipment across multiple locations via a single interface in real time.
  • Respond rapidly to problems and solve them faster with instant access to performance data.
  • Save energy by shutting down equipment remotely when not in use.
  • Integrate easily with existing facility management systems.
Complete control over your equipment
  1. See a complete overview of transportation status, demand, traffic performance, and availability.

  2. Replay and analyze significant events, and view detailed reports on performance, availability, and operational quality.

  3. Schedule commands – including elevator mode changes and locking – across one or several locations.


Maintenance for the lifetime of your building

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