Ride comfort

The latest innovations give our elevators an even smoother ride with less noise and vibration, and minimum disturbance to building occupants. With improvements to the EcoDisc® motor and centralised hoisting, our solutions are also more space- and energy-efficient.

KONE elevators have been made even better than before:

Renewed machinery and silent brakes

  • The new, highly reliable motor control system further improves ride comfort, with smooth acceleration and deceleration, and highly accurate car leveling.
  • The renewed braking system ensures a comfortable, safe, quiet ride, while also minimising noise transfer to the surrounding areas.
  • The new brake test functionality automatically checks brake condition daily. This helps to further improve safety and reliability.

Redesigned hoisting system for minimised vibration and noise

  • Centralised low friction hoisting cuts noise and vibration, improving comfort for passengers, and minimising disturbance to the surrounding areas.

Improved car structure with even better noise isolation

  • The rigid structure and superb noise isolation of the renewed elevator car ensure a smooth, quiet ride.
  • New isolated guide shoes, constructed using low-noise sliding material, further help to reduce noise.

All elevators tested for ride quality – a service unique to KONE

  • KONE provides a comprehensive ride quality testing service as standard for all its elevator installations.
  • Your elevator will not be handed over for use before it passes this test, which measures noise and vibration levels inside the car.
  • This thorough quality and reliability testing prior to handover further reduces the need for unplanned maintenance callouts.

KONE N MonoSpace

Industry-leading ride comfort for your building

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