KONE Construction time use solutions

KONE Construction time use solutions

KONE construction time use (CTU) elevators, KONE JumpLift and KONE Care CTU maintenance save time in several ways. Workers spend less time waiting for exterior hoists and more time working. Builders can remove exterior hoists and enclose building façade faster and start finishing lower floors sooner. And the developer can start earning rent sooner.

  • Less waiting for elevators: KONE construction time elevators and KONE JumpLift travel faster than exterior hoists.
  • Optimized logistics with lower floors enclosed while core construction is going on higher up.
  • KONE Care CTU maintenance solutions minimize elevator downtime.
  • Our CTU solutions are much more energy efficient than exterior hoists thus cutting energy costs.
  • With no exterior hoists, the façade can be enclosed sooner and safety is improved.
Services for every stage of the construction process
  1. Planning. KONE site planning services ensure the optimum combination of solutions at each stage.

  2. Construction. With our unique scaffoldless, in-shaft installation method, installation of the KONE CTU elevators is faster, safer and more efficient. And the elevators are ready for use early in the project.

  3. Finishing. With all vertical transportation taking place inside the building, exterior hoists can be removed and lower floors can be enclosed and finished sooner.

  4. Handover. We ensure that your equipment will be in perfect condition at handover. The KONE Care CTU maintenance technicians perform the final inspection, and then the permanent KONE Care maintenance team takes over.