KONE N MonoSpace®

A completely renewed flexible elevator solution for residential and commercial buildings with a broad range of interior options, industry-leading ride comfort and A-class eco-efficiency.

Product KONE N MonoSpace
Segment Machine room-less
Speed 1.75 m/s
Travel 75 m
Load 1150 kg
Persons Up to 17
Group size 4
Recommended signalization KSS 280, KDS 300

Features and options

  • The completely renewed KONE EcoDisc™ hoisting machine, brakes, hoisting system and elevator car structure, now providing even better ride comfort and even lower energy consumption 
  • The industry’s widest selection of materials and accessories – over 100 options and over a million combinations for a unique look and feel 
  • A broad set of standard features ensuring elevator safety, accessibility, eco-efficiency and performance, plus additional features to add further value and enhance People Flow™


Excellent eco-efficiency, cutting the carbon footprint of your building

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Ride comfort

Smooth ride comfort, made possible by superior technology

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Award-winning design that helps your building stand out.

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Solutions for residential buildings

Make every day easier

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New elevator solutions

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