KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk

A revolutionary autowalk solution that requires no pit and offers unparalleled flexibility. Its modular design makes it the ideal solution for improving people flow in existing buildings. You can easily adjust the length, change the color, and reinstall it in another location.

Operational environment Indoor
Speed (m/s) 0.65, 0.5
Inclination (degrees)
Step width (mm) 1000, 1400
Vertical rise (m) 60
KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk


  • The components traditionally placed in the pit have been moved to the balustrades
  • The pallets lower themselves directly under the stepping surface instead of circling the entire truss to the bottom
  • The modular design of the truss makes it simple to assemble and modify
  • Our incredibly small and powerful KONE PowerDisc™ motor requires no oil and uses less energy compared to other solutions
  • The KONE CombiRail™ track design delivers unprecedented flexibility and space saving, and is designed for efficient and simple installation
  • The KONE DecoPallet™ saves space with its compact design and has a durable, non-slip surface
  • Our energy efficient KONE OptiDrive™ drive system is designed for quick, easy maintenance
  • The KONE ThinReverser™ pallet operating system saves even more space by directing pallets to return under the walking level

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