Hotel buildings cater for different user groups from busy business travelers to families on vacation. We consider the needs of guests and staff to ensure smooth People Flow™ in all types of hotels from urban skyscrapers to low seaside resorts with KONE elevators, escalators and automatic building doors.



End-user needs

Easy and comfortable access for all visitors

  • Spacious elevators with wide doors and accurate leveling
  • KONE Polaris destination control system for shorter wait times
  • Easy to use signalization
  • EN81-70 Accessibility code compliant elevator
  • Automatic building doors

Attractive surroundings and quiet rooms

  • KONE Design Collection for elevators 
  • Pre-engineered scenic cars 
  • Quiet and smooth elevator operation with minimum noise to hotel rooms 
  • Revolving entrance door decreases noise and dust coming from outside

Smooth People Flow™ and clear, informed navigation

  • Comprehensive People Flow™ consultation and planning 
  • KONE InfoScreen information display 
  • KONE Polaris destination control system 
  • KONE Design signalization customized car operating panel

Easy, discrete access for loading, service and maintenance

  • Quiet elevator operation, priority elevator service 
  • Well functioning Sectional doors

Sure safety through monitoring, control and maintenance

  • KONE E-link™ remote monitoring for elevators and escalators 
  • KONE Care™ maintenance