Medical facilities such as hospitals, day-care clinics and nursing homes have unique People Flow™ requirements. Patients, staff and visitors need to reach their destination quickly, safely and reliably. KONE Care™ maintenance programs and E-link™ remote monitoring ensure equipment and end user safety and security.



End-user needs

Accessibility for visitors and patients

  • Comprehensive People Flow™ consultation and planning
  • EN81-70 Accessibility code compliant elevator
  • Spacious elevators with wide doors, longer door open times and accurate leveling
  • KONE TranSys bed elevator application
  • KONE Bedlift
  • KONE InfoScreen information display

Hygienic and wellness-oriented environment

  • Easy to clean, robust materials
  • Ceiling with indirect lighting does not glare bed patients’ eyes
  • KONE Design signalization customized car operating panel
  • Space saving Gliding doors with silent operation and hygienic features

Easy, discrete access for services and maintenance

  • Spacious elevators with wide doors and accurate leveling
  • AGV Automatic guided vehicle integration to elevator control

Emergency access and safety

  • Priority service for urgent staff and supplies access
  • Hermetical sealing doors for lead protection in X-ray rooms
  • KONE E-link remote monitoring for elevators and escalators
  • KONE Care™ Plus and KONE Care™ Premium