Users of residential buildings need an elevator that will make their everyday activities easier. It should be quick, safe and reliable, big enough to fit a stroller or a wheelchair, and simple enough to operate even for older residents or passengers with their hands full. KONE elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style.



  • KONE E MiniSpace™ – small machine-room elevator 
  • KONE N MiniSpace™ small machine-room elevator 
  • KONE S MiniSpace™ small machine-room elevator 
  • KONE N MonoSpace® machine-room-less elevator

End-user needs

Effortless day-to-day usage

  • Smooth door operator with curtain of light to prevent door from hitting passengers
  • Accurate leveling to ensure easy entrance and exit from the elevator
  • Adequate and comfortable ventilation in the elevator car
  • Easy to use elevator signalization

Easy accessibility for all

  • EN81-70 Accessibility code compliance for elevators
  • Extended elevator door open time option

Access for cleaning and maintenance personnel

  • Wide elevator doors, accurate leveling and priority service option

Integration with building security and safe elevator operation during emergencies

  • EN81-72 Fire fighter elevator compliance
  • EN81-73 Elevator behavior in case of fire, elevator provision for access control

Visitor guidance

  • KONE InfoScreen information display
  • KONE Design signalization customized car operating panel
  • Tenant directory

Safety and reliablity

  • KONE Care™ maintenance programs
  • KONE VoiceLink™ 24/7 emergency connection from elevator car to KONE Customer Care Center

Lifecycle savings

  • Eco-efficient KONE solutions
  • VDI 4707 A as standard with the KONE elevators