Well planned People Flow™ is extremely important in complex buildings like shopping centers. Visitors must be able to find shops, restaurants and services easily, and movement must be able to continue safely and without congestion. We have experience in planning elevator, escalator and automatic building door needs in shopping centers, department stores and “box stores” outside city centers.



End-user needs

Pleasant experience in attractive surroundings

Plenty of room for passengers with bags, trolleys and wheelchairs

  • Spacious elevators with wide doors
  • EN81-70 Accessibility code compliant elevators
  • KONE TransitMaster™ autowalk

Easy to move throughout the building without congestion

  • Comprehensive People Flow™ consultation during building planning
  • Equipment capacity planning
  • Direct access from parking and transport to shopping facility

Easy wayfinding, information and orientation

Feeling of safety

  • KONE E-link remote monitoring for elevators and escalators
  • Emergency call from car option for elevators
  • Sufficient elevator car lighting

Reliability, durability and care

  • Extensive product reliability testing and verification during product lifecycle
  • KONE EcoMod™ escalator modernization renews the old escalator entirely and without stopping business
  • KONE Care™ Plus
  • KONE Care™ Premium

Easy access to loading, storage and maintenance without disturbance to shoppers

  • KONE TranSys™ machine-room-less elevator for goods transport
  • 3D door operation radar to identify persons accessing elevator
  • Car wide elevator doors
  • Elevator access control integration
  • KONE Sectional door
  • KONE Roller shutters for loading bay doors

Easy equipment monitoring

  • KONE E-link™ remote monitoring
  • KONE Care™ Online