Safety, quality and eco-efficiency

Committed to safety, quality and eco-efficiency

KONE has over 100 years experience as a leading maintenance supplier, and is 100 percent committed to the safety, quality and eco-efficiency of your equipment. Our highly-trained personnel, advanced maintenance procedures and customer support services allow us to make good on that commitment.

Safety – Top priority

KONE Care™ maintenance services are designed to maximize the safety of your equipment. This means much more than just conforming with local regulations. Modular-Based Maintenance, our industry-leading method of preventive care, works to address issues before they become problems. And our Voice Link Service means a KONE Customer Care technician is never more than a button-push away for your passengers in case of need. The standards we set raise the level of safety across the industry, and our own practices ensure a safe working environment both for KONE employees and our customers.

Quality – Constantly

At KONE we are constantly working to maintain the highest quality of service, and to keep your equipment in top condition for the best possible passenger experience. Clear procedures for call handling, strong, real-time support from the KONE Customer Care Center, and detailed reporting and quality control on every site visit – all these and our unrivaled staff of highly trained technicians guarantee quality in everything we do.

Eco-Efficiency – At every step

At KONE eco-efficiency is not an afterthought, but part of the plan. We are committed to helping our customers with the important work of lowering the energy costs and carbon footprint of their buildings. With innovations like the KONE EcoDisc® hoisting mechanism, intelligent destination control and improved lighting solutions, we can offer solutions today that use 50% less energy than just five years ago. For customers with older equipment we have a suite of upgrade kits that help make their elevators and escalators a tool for energy savings and emission reductions. And we have made great strides in reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations, with steadily increasing eco-efficiency in our vehicle fleet, in our logistics practices, and in our own buildings.