KONE IDE300™ – A higher standard of convenience

The unique KONE IDE300™ is an integrated building door and elevator access system that automatically recognizes the resident, opens the door and turns on the lights. The elevator is waiting and the resident’s floor has been selected.

KONE Polaris™ destination control system (DCS)

Polaris™ destination control allows your lift to work more intelligently, shortening wait times, reducing the number of intermediate stops, increasing handling capacity and available car space, and improving security.

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KONE E-link™

KONE E-Link™ is a full-featured facilities management tool enabling you to monitor your elevator and escalator systems in one or several buildings from a single location. KONE E-Link helps optimize service quality, reliability and efficiency, and can be retro-fitted for any type of installation, including non-KONE equipment.

KONE InfoScreen

KONE InfoScreen enables the display of current floor information, imagery, news, weather, advertising, or building announcements, either in the car or outside. InfoScreen is available for new installations and modernizations.

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KONE Access Control Integration

Access Control Integration connects any access control system with the KONE lift control system. This increases security in the building as well as improves the flow of people.

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