With KONE ReFine™ modular elevator modernisation, you replace only the components that need to be replaced. In a short time you can have an upgrade that enhances the performance of your elevator. You can have an elevator that looks and works almost like new, with less downtime, lower cost, and less disruption to passengers and the building. Modular solutions cover the controller and hoisting, signalisation, doors, electrification and car.

KONE ReFine™


The elevator hoisting unit includes the most hardworking components of your elevator. Replacing worn, outdated hoisting machinery is vital for safety and ride comfort. Our hoisting units are designed to minimize installation time while reducing the need for onsite engineering and welding. We also offer traction sheave shaft brakes, which further increase safety.


One of the best ways to improve the performance of an old elevator is to modernize its controller and electrification system. Our modernization solutions for elevator electrification increase performance, reliability and eco-efficiency, while also improving safety and accessibility. These solutions are fast to install, ensuring minimal disturbance to building residents during modernization.


Our elevator car modernization solutions integrate smoothly with existing installations. Our elevator car is built with lightweight and robust materials so that you can add an automatic door when replacing the elevator car, without additional weight. A wide range of materials, interior designs and lighting solutions is available, so you can get just the right look and feel for your building.


Our elevator signalization provides a stylish interface, while improving accessibility and convenience. When signalization is modernized, it comes equipped with round-the-clock, two-way voice communication with the KONE Customer Care Center™.

Our unique elevator signalization solutions provide many attractive choices for designs, colors and patterns.