KONE RePlace Full elevator replacement

If you decide on full replacement, the most cost-effective solution is one that will pay for itself by improving performance and safety, and saving space and energy.

There are two KONE RePlace options, which either keep or replace the existing landing doors. If the elevator’s existing swing doors are in good condition, you can keep them to reduce investment and downtime. This eliminates the costs associated with dismantling and replacing the landing doors, masonry work, finishing and cleaning.

The KONE RePlace™ solution is based on either KONE MaxiSpace™ or KONE MonoSpace® elevator technology.

KONE MaxiSpace™ elevator

The KONE MaxiSpace™ elevator needs no counterweight, so this space can be used to fit a larger car in the shaft, increasing space by up to 50%. So if the existing elevator can carry four people, the KONE MaxiSpace solution could carry six. This increased car size allows easier transportation of baby carriages, wheelchairs, and other large objects.

KONE MonoSpace® elevator

The KONE MonoSpace® elevator, powered by the KONE EcoDisc™ hoisting motor, cuts energy by more than two-thirds compared with a hydraulic elevator. Advanced energy-saving innovations such as a regenerative drive and standby operation cut electricity consumption even further. The KONE MonoSpace® can save thousands of Euros over the 25-year lifetime of the equipment.