KONE RePower modernization package

KONE RePower modernisation package

In the long run, it may make sense to modernise your elevator once, and do a thorough job. That way you minimize disruption while getting an installation that works like new today and will run reliably for decades.

KONE RePower is a modernsation package designed to be easy to order and quick to install. There are two KONE RePower versions available:

The basic packages include:

  • hoisting
  • controller
  • electrification
  • car
  • car door
  • signalisation

This allows you to have the latest technology inside the shaft while keeping the existing shaft and landing doors, minimizing disturbance to residents and the building.

With an energy-efficient hoisting machine, the KONE RePower package can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%. It is based on award-winning KONE MonoSpace® technology, which has proven its reliability in more than 350,000 installations.