KONE RePower R-Series elevator modernisation package

The KONE RePower R-Series package is designed for low- to mid-rise residential buildings, up to 16 floors, with up to 200,000 starts a year. This package provides a wide range of design alternatives in order to match the architecture of almost any building.

Hoisting and electrification

The hoisting machine and electrification system are the most hardworking components in your elevator. Replacing a worn, outdated hoisting machine and modernizing the controller and electrification system will improve performance, safety, and eco-efficiency. KONE ReGenerate™ is a modernization solution consisting of the hoisting machine, bedplate and ropes, control and drive system, and signalization.


Quite often an elevator's mechanical systems are still in good shape, but the car interior is worn, scratched and out-of-date. In cases like these, you can get an elevator that looks like new, without replacing the entire installation. KONE ReFresh™ is an elevator car modernization solution that integrates smoothly with existing installations.


Our elevator signalisation system improves safety and convenience for passengers. When signalisation is modernised, it comes equipped with round-the-clock, two-way voice communication with the KONE Customer Care Center™.