Modular modernisation

KONE offers a modular solution for escalator modernisation, so you can replace individual components or complete functional packages, as needed. This enables you to improve safety or enhance the aesthetics, for example, while leaving the mechanical components intact. So you can have a modern-looking escalator that meets the latest regulations, with minimal disruption to employees and customers.

Modular modernization


Modernising a traditional worm-gear drive with the highly efficient KONE Direct Drive reduces energy consumption and increases reliability and performance. The chainless drive minimises downtime, increasing the availability of your escalators. The location of the KONE Direct Drive improves accessibility to the motor, bearing, and brakes, and means an end to oil leaks and oil smells in your installation.


By replacing the old step chain with the unique lubrication-free KONE Chain, you eliminate oil smells and the risk of oil leaks through the cladding. It also reduces the risk of fire. The entire installation is cleaner and safer and requires less downtime for maintenance.


Replacing the old controller with a new microprocessor-based controller significantly improves safety and energy-efficiency. The state-of-the-art KONE 501 Controller connects to the latest safety monitoring systems.

Ask us for a quotation of one of the many available eco-efficiency upgrades in order to make the best use of your installations.


Numerous upgrade packages are available to match the design of your building, while also making it an eye-catching feature. Some of the options include new balustrades, access covers, comb plates, skirts and deckings, cleaning and balancing steps, as well as attractive lighting systems.


Safety requirements have changed a lot, so it’s important your escalators meet the local requirements. We have all the solutions to bring your escalators up to date, including brush deflector systems, dynamic braking and additional safety signage.