What to modernize?

What to modernize

Assessing your modernisation needs

Before starting any modernisation work, it makes sense to take a close look at what really needs to be done.

The safety, eco-efficiency, accessibility, performance, and aesthetic appearance of your elevator, escalator or building doors all need to be considered. Our KONE Care for Life™ service does just that – it helps you decide what, when, and how to modernize by making planning and budgeting as easy and straightforward as possible.


The first step is a thorough assessment of the safety, eco-efficiency, accessibility, performance, and aesthetics of the existing installation. Eco-efficiency has become increasingly important, and a modern KONE elevator consumes less than half as much energy as one built 20 years ago. KONE Care for Life™ enables you to identify precisely what needs to be done.

Full report

The result of this assessment is a full report, which includes an executive summary, detailed analysis of the results of the KONE Care for Life™ assessment, an energy-efficiency report, a budgeting plan and a comparison of the measured data to the requirements of the relevant norms.


Based on the KONE Care for Life™ assessment, we make a recommendation on how to get your equipment to the required standard.

We have three solutions: modular modernization with KONE ReFine™, modernization packages with KONE RePower™, or full replacement with KONE RePlace™.