Why modernize?

Why modernise

Modernisation keeps your elevator , escalator and door equipment running smoothly for the lifetime of your building. It ensures that your equipment works safely and reliably, and can save money in the long run by reducing maintenance and energy costs.

For passengers, modernisation with KONE means safety, comfort, and the aesthetic appeal of modern design. For building and facility managers, it means improving performance, energy efficiency and people flow with minimum disruption and maximum availability. And for owners, it means predictable lifecycle management.

Safety – Peace of mind

Minimizing potential risks and conforming to local regulations brings peace of mind for users. One of the most important safety improvements you can make is to install an elevator car door to prevent hands from getting caught when the elevator is moving. In an escalator, a brush deflector system can prevent shoes from getting trapped between the steps and skirting panels.

Energy efficiency – Cutting energy costs

Modernization cuts your energy costs – our solutions are a lot more efficient than those from only few decades ago.

We also offer modular solutions so that you can focus on areas where modernization will be the most cost-effective. Modernizing the electrification system, for example, is an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of your elevator or escalator.

Accessibility – For all users

Good accessibility makes the equipment more convenient for all users, especially people in wheelchairs, families with children, or people carrying large items. For elevators, this could be installing automatic doors or increasing the size of the car, which would make more room for strollers and wheelchair users.

Performance – Continuous people flow

Reliable, efficient, continuous operation is important in ensuring smooth people flow in the building. It also saves energy and makes maintenance costs more predictable. An elevator or escalator that is out of order is frustrating for residents and employees, and may make customers go elsewhere.

Aesthetics – First impressions matter

The elevator or escalator is often the first thing tenants or customers see when they enter the building. Contemporary design and quality materials improve the image of the building. If the surface components of your elevator or escalator are worn or scratched, a facelift can have it looking like new in a short time.