Lucas Oil Stadium

Serving crowds of 70,000 in concentrated bursts, the building transportation systems must deliver efficient People Flow™ – and that means maintenance specialists must be at the top of their game all day, every day.

Year 2008
Location Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Solutions 14 KONE ECO3000™ escalators, 9 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 2 KONE hydraulic elevators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Maintenance team makes a difference

Home to the American National Football League's (NFL) Indianapolis Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium (LOS) is a state-of-the-art facility linked to a convention center, hotel and entertainment district. With seating capacity up to 70,000, LOS offers an exciting venue for high-profile events. 

The demanding logistics of a world-class sports facility leave no margin for error. Serving crowds in concentrated bursts, our equipment must be at the top of its game all day, every day.

Preparation guarantees readiness

To ensure equipment is at the highest level of readiness during peak demand, approximately 75 percent of the stadium's preventive maintenance is conducted monthly during the professional football season. 

Our KONE Care™ Maintenance Service targets equipment needs with a uniquely responsive schedule, covering all maintenance visits, service calls and large repairs. Pre-event inspections and advance problem resolution are conducted prior to each game. Every component of each piece of equipment is examined at the proper frequency in accordance with building usage and environment. 

Because the equipment operates at full capacity, bottlenecks, lines and crowding are minimized. Technicians also provide standby support on game day, ensuring immediate response to any equipment needs. 

Each of our technicians receives specialized training aligned with the equipment types, maximizing their strong skill sets.

"Well before the first kick-off, our service team began developing its partnership to secure a smooth equipment transition from installation to game day operations," comments Ryan Schenk, Account Manager for KONE.