Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden has a rich history of hosting nearly every major name in music, all-star athletes, national political conventions, and numerous world-famous shows and events.

Year 2013
Location New York City, New York, USA
Solutions 45 KONE Eco3000™ escalators, 3 KONE EcoMod™ escalators, 5 hydraulic elevators, 12 elevators modernized, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

The legend lives on in Manhattan

After years of high traffic use, Madison Square Garden was in need of a major renovation to meet the expectations of today’s spectators. 

Renovating the iconic building was neither quick nor easy, but the transformation ensures the facility will continue to be a legendary venue well into the future.

Modern equipment, maximum benefit

As part of the USD 1 billion renovation, we were brought in to modernize the existing elevators and escalators, ensuring optimal people flow for the crowds of more than 18,000 frequently visiting the arena. 

We installed 45 new eco-efficient escalators to fully replace the old equipment. In addition, our KONE EcoMod™ escalator modernization solution was utilized to upgrade the entire workings of three escalators without removing the existing trusses. We also managed the installation of five new elevators. 

We will maintain the equipment at Madison Square Garden and will have two service technicians on site during events to keep the equipment in peak running condition.

"The modernized equipment has advanced safety and energy efficient features. This makes for more comfort and reliability for the passengers," says LeVaur Livingstone, KONE Regional Project Manager.