National Stadium

With its wavy façade of red and white strands woven to resemble a fluttering Polish flag, National Stadium offers not only visual appeal, but an advanced range of eco-efficient features.

Year 2011
Location Warsaw, Poland
Solutions 23 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators (including 4 fire elevators), 16 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 22 KONE ECO3000® escalators (indoor), 9 KONE ECO3000® escalators (outdoor), KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Scoring green goals

Packed one day, empty the next, sports stadiums must adapt to peaks in crowd flows. After the fans go home, Poland’s eco-efficient National Stadium goes into hibernation until the next event. 

With a retractable roof covering two-tiered seating capacity for nearly 60,000 fans, this multi-purpose complex will become part of Poland’s National Sport Center, hosting not only football matches but also a variety of high-profile sports and entertainment events.

All about the flow

We worked closely with the architects and contractors in the pre-planning stages, calculating traffic capacity to assess crowd behavior and people flow patterns. 

Allocation of sufficient escalators, elevators, and dedicated routes minimizes the congestion and risks related to moving large crowds through the complex. We had to work fast and efficient as the escalators had to be installed before the roof was elevated. We drafted a precise phased timetable and offered a convenient cascading solution, using cranes to minimize installation time. 

The National Stadium is the latest in a series of eco-stadiums that have sprung up around the world. It offers not only visual appeal, but an advanced range of eco-efficient features. These include our passenger detection feature and escalator standby system, which is recommended for stadium usage where the duty cycle is short but with peak loads. As the main section of the stadium is used for events, the equipment goes into "hibernation mode" until the crowds start arriving again. 

Low energy consumption and low starting energy ensure savings in every situation.

"We contributed to the safe ride of the equipment by extending the escalator balustrades so that passengers can easily grasp the handrail before setting foot onto the safety zones," says KONE Business Development Director Janusz Bernfeld.