Royal Children's Hospital

Green is the color of healing at Melbourne’s inspirational Royal Children’s Hospital.

Year Stage 1: Oct 2011; Stage 2: under construction until 2014
Location Melbourne, Australia
Solutions Stage 1 - 18 KONE Minispace™ elevators, 1 KONE MiniSpace™ high-rise elevator, 2 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators; Stage 2 - 6 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators, 2 KONE MonoSpace® TranSys™ elevators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Greenest hospital down under

The new Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Victoria, Australia, is the state’s largest medical complex, featuring 85 percent single inpatient rooms, an integrated education center, and twice the research space as the old hospital it replaced. 

Uniquely designed as a stimulating environment for children, its inspiring design is matched by a range of advanced eco-features making it the greenest hospital in Australia.

Regenerative energy

Awarded a Green Star Rating by the Australian Green Building Council, the RCH produces 45 percent less greenhouse gases than a conventional hospital thanks to its energy-efficient solutions, including our elevators which feature regenerative drive KONE EcoDisc® technology. 

One of the special units of equipment we supplied is the super-sized elevator that travels from the helipad to all inpatient levels. Designed to enable lifesaving procedures to be carried out while transferring emergency patients from the helipad to surgery, it is the largest hospital bed passenger elevator in the southern hemisphere. 

Other custom features delivered by us include digital cameras in the elevator cars, KONE E-Link™ monitoring connected to KONE’s regional office via wireless technology, and special etched and painted glass car interiors featuring children’s themes. 

Despite the aggressive schedule, the project was completed on time, with the builder and subcontractors working closely together to achieve a high-quality result.

"Our goal was to deliver the most advanced children’s hospital in Australia, if not the world," says Peter Caruana, head of KONE's project management team in Australia.