Phoenix International Media Center

As awe-inspiring as the mythical bird after which it is named, Beijing’s Phoenix Media Center lifts China into an unprecedented era in steel innovation.

Year 2014
Location Beijing, China
Solutions 15 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 7 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Steel nest of the Phoenix

One of the most important public buildings to rise in Beijing since the 2008 Olympic Games, the Phoenix Media Center has an unusual shape that posed challenges in the installation of our elevators and escalators. The bending and curving shapes necessitated resourceful shaft design, and the dense, net-like steel structure was a major obstacle to the smooth delivery of equipment to the site. We overcame these challenges through close cooperation with the customer from design phase through to professional installation.

Satisfying customer requirements

Among the eye-catching elements are two escalators that resemble a pair of dragons soaring into the sky. We installed custom-made trusses to support these escalators, which just happen to be the longest commercial escalators delivered by us in China. We also installed customized machine-room-less elevators that travel at 2.5 meters per second, a speed that only we can provide in China.